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JR Pants Cycling Tights Long
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Cycling pants junior

Discover all cycling pants for junior from brands as Swedemount and Craft here. The cycling pants are the contact surface between your body and the cycling saddle. The fact that the legs are long and tight can anyone who has ever cycled a longer distance in shorts attest to the importance of. The inside of the tights is protected from chafing by the long legs. A real cycling pants has a padding I the buttocks. Something that many call diapers or padding. The function is of course to provide extra cushioning but also to absorb sweat. Something that can feel strange is that you should not wear any underwear under cycling pants. This is to prevent chafing. Cycling pants with braces, so-called bibs, are very comfortable. The braces and the integrated back part ensure that the bib does not slide down during the bike session. If it is colder outside, a pair of long cycling pants can be the solution. There are also loose legs – sleeves, which you can easily roll up and down if you need to adjust the heat. If you cycle in the winter, you will need wind- protected cycling trousers as the wind blows cool.