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Our privacy policy

We cherish your personal data and want to enlighten you on how our policy for dealing with personal data. We have made a compilation below regarding which data we use and the purposes of this data.

What is personal data?

Peronal data is all information that can be tied to natural persons. This involves e.g. names, pictures, contact information and social security numbers.

Who is responsible for the collected personal data we have?

Swedemount Sportswear & Fashion AB, 556437-2521 is responsible for all personal data.

What personal data do we gather from customers who browse our website but do not make any purchases?

Our intention

To be able to create personal messages, offers and discounts based on your visit at our website.

To be able to process and complete orders and purchases.

So that the company can fulfil and follow adherent laws and regulations.

To help our customers through our customer services.

To prevent criminal activities

This is how we treat the data

Facebook, Google and Instagram receives information regarding what pages you visit at our website and which products you buy. They use the information and our instructions to generate messages from us on their respective platforms. For instance, if you have visitetd pages with ski jackets, you may receive offer on these pages involving products from the same category.

Deliveries, payment processes, address controls and cases of reclaims and product guarantees.

We need some personal data to comply with laws and regulations set by authorities, e.g. laws of accounting and anti money laundering laws.

Customer Correspondece. Search in purchase archives and customer registers.

Prevent and investigate fraud. Protection and improvement of our IT environment against attacks and breaches

What types of personal data does this concern?

Buy and user generated data, e.g. email address and number of visits.

Name, address, e-mail address, payment information, purchase information

Name, social security number, purchase history, correspondence, information regarding purchases, contact information, address, e-mail address, phone number.

Name, social security number, contact information, prior contact, order information.

Personal data, video recordings from CCTV, information regarding how our digital services is used.

For how long do we store this data?

Until the user deletes the browser cookies.

We store personal data surrounding purchases for three years, which equals the through law established length of possibility of reclaims and guarantee arrends.

Until the arrend is completed. We then delete all data surrounding it and your information.

Data is stored for three years. Video recordings are stored for 30 days.

What personal data is stored for members in our loyalty programme and what is the data used for?

To be able to store and process your bonus points.

Register and calculate bonus points. Communication surrounding your bonus. Transfer of bonus points into discounts at checkout.

Name, social security number, membership number, contact information, purchase history, email address.

Necessary in order to fulfil our commitment to the loyalty programme.

Until the membership is deactivated or after three years of inactivity.

From what sources do we gather personal data?

We gather data from third parties, apart from the data we collect from our own website. This can, for instance, be addresses from authorities or data from social media platforms for marketing purposes.

With whom do we share personal data?

Sometimes it is necessary to share your personal data with personal data assistants. A personal data assistant is a company that treats data on our behalf and in accordance with our instructions. These are for instance shipping companies, IT-companies, payment solution companies and advertising agencies.

We carry the full responsibility to ensure that these personal data assistants deal with your personal data in a correct manner. Thus have all these companies signed personal data processing agreements to ensure that the regulations are maintained. In these agreements there are paragraphs regarding how your data is to be processed.

We share personal data to third parties in some cases. One example is state authorities. We are obliged to hand out personal data if the police suspect criminal activities. We also share data with credit rating agencies for Swedish and Norwegian customers who want to make credit purchases through Collector Bank so that they may evaluate credit ratings before the payments are processed.

Where do we store your personal data?

All our own IT-systems are located within EU/EES. We also strive to always keep this data within the EU/EES in accordance to the GDPR.

For how long do we store your personal data?

Your data is never stored longer than necessary. You can find further information regarding this subject above.

What rights do you as a member have?

You have the right to get an extract of stored personal data regarding you that we have.

You will receive information about the storing of the personal data, information on where the data has been gathered, how long it has been stored and what types of personal data we have stored.

Right to correction;

We are obliged to change your personal data if they are faulty during the period that we store the data.

Right to delete personal data;

You own the right to have your personal data deleted when following:

- Personal data are stored in an illegal manner.

-The data is no longer necessary.

-You question an intention of the stored data

-You question the use of data for direct marketing.

-Due to legal obligations.

We own the right to deny deletion of personal data if there are legal obligations, e.g. accounting and anti money laundery laws.

Right to make objections to some sort of treatment;

You have the right to avoid direct marketing and to object all treatment of personal data with legitimate interests.

Legitimate interest

In those cases that we use a legitimate interest, as legal base for a porpose, you have the possiblility to object it. In order for us to continue to use your personal data, we have to give you a obligated justified reason for the actual treatment that is more justified than your interests, rights or freedom. Otherwise we are only allowed to use the data to determine, practice or defend legal claims.

Direct marketing (including analyses made for direct marketing purposes);

You have the right to object that your personal data is used for direct marketing. The objection also incluses analyses (profiling) that are made for direct marketing purposes. Direct marketing includes all types of marketing measures (e-mail, post, and sms). Marketing measurements that you have chosen to use one of our services does not count as direct marketing (product reccomendations or other functions). If you object direct marketing we will stop the treatment of your personal data for direct marketing and stop all types of direct marketing measures.

Right to data portability

If our right to treat your personal data os based on either your acceptance or fulfillment, you have the right to get the data regarding you that we have collected and that you have given us and have it transfered to another part responsible for personal data. A requirement for data portability is that the transfer is technically possible and that it is automated.

How do we treat data surrounding social security numbers?

We store social security numbers and presonal data in order to identify our customers.

What are cookies and how o we use it?

A cookie is a text based data file that servers can store at your unit,by first asking website visitors.

We use following types of cookies:

1. Session cookies (a temporary cookie that seizes to exist once you close your brower or shut down your unit)

2. Persistent cookies (cookies that are stored in your computer until you clear them or they expire)

3. First-Party Cookies (First-party cookies are set by the website visited by the user)

4.Third-Party cookies (Third-party cookies are set by domains that are not directly visited by the user)

5. Similar technologies (Other technologies that are similar to cookies, that stores data in your browser or in your computer)

How do we store your personal data?

We have routines and guidelines for storing your personal data. We make sure that only people required to have access to it is permitted access.

How do you contact us regarding questions about data protection?

The easiest way is to contact us through our customer services. They will ensure that you can speak to the right person. Our personal policies are sometimes updated. You will always find the latest version at our website. 

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