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Rain pants Men

A pair of waterproof rain pants for men is a real must-have garment! With a pair of rain pants you, the Scandinavian weather does not stand a chance! Here at Sportshopen you will find stylish rain clothes for men. We have selected brands that has worked hard during a long time to produce the best rain clothes for an active lifestyle in rainy weather. Swedemount, Helly Hansen, The North Face and Didriksons is some of them. When you are going to choose your rain clothes, there are some things to keep in mind.

How do I choose good rain clothes?
Do you need a rain jacket and rain pants that keep you dry when you are more active or are you looking for rainwear for more still activities? If you are active, it is probably a rainwear with a good ventilation and breathable features you need. If absolute waterproofness is the most important thing, you should look for PU- coated polyester (it's also called gallon clothing) or rain gear with high values of water columns, preferably over 10 000mm. For freedom of movement and comfort, look for rainwear in materials with 4-way stretch.

Is a high-water column a guarantee for good rainwear?
The simple answer is no. Water column is a measurement of how well a material withstands water pressure, how tight the material is. If a rain jacket is made with the best of fabrics but has construction that makes water leak in, the material of the fabric does not help to make the rainwear waterproof. In the same way, a perfectly designed rain jacket cannot keep the rain out if the fabric itself leaks. An example of a good construction is if the zipper itself is waterproof or protected by fabric. Otherwise, the water will find its way through the zipper. Other common risk areas are the pockets. Make sure that the pocket lids divert water and if you want a completely tight rain jacket, the material of the pocket must also be waterproof if water still enters the pockets.

Why do rainwear have taped seams?
When sewing through fabrics, the needle makes a hole in the material. Water will be able to pass trough there, even if the fabrics itself is waterproof. The problem is solved after the seam is made, tape a waterproof tape on the inside of the seam. Even if the seam secures against leakage, you should avoid seams in particularly exposed places, such as shoulders and buttocks. A taped seam is never as tight as a whole fabric. While less lavish rain jackets and rain pants can have only the most important seams taped.

What is meant by welded seams on a rain jacket?
Some materials, such as PU-coated polyester can be welded together. You simply merge two pieces of fabric and then get a completely tight joint of the rainwear. Then you do not need top tape the joints because they are completely waterproof in themselves.

Can you wash rainwear?
Yes, you wash rainwear. The best way is by hand with mild detergent and a soft brush. Then the rain jacket or pants are affected the least and both the material and impregnation wear the least. Rainwear in functionals materials (which breathes) needs to be kept clean in order to breathe properly. After a wash, you can heat the garment in a drying cabinet. Then the garments water repellent treatment (DWR) will be restored (if the garment has one of course). It may also be necessary to renew the impregnation with spray intended for functional materials. Rainwear works best when it is clean and well maintained – so do not hesitate to wash rain pants and rain jackets if you follow the washing introductions.