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Bondi - A shoe designed mainly for low speeds. The shoe's construction gives time for the cushioning to work even for a slower running step. A perfect shoe for you who run long distances in lower speed. Bondi's features also make them excellent for beginners and less experienced runners. The slightly slower cushioning does also suit a heavy runner or a runner with a heavy running step. Find all Bondi here!
Elevon - A premium shoe with a seamless top which gives a lighter shoe than Bondi. Elevon is a shoe for you who want a shoe with a soft heel and a slightly stiffer front. In the heel part, Elevon have a TPU-cup that stabilizes the heel a bit extra. Suitable for you who does not really need Bondi's durability against weight and for you who appreciate a flexible shoe.

Clifton - A real allround shoe that still does not mean a compromise. The shoe can be run in both high and low speed and is therefore suitable for both beginners and elite runners. If you mostly run on aspalt and gravel and in varied speeds, this is the shoe for you. You will find all Clifton here!

Napali - A fully cushioned lightweight shoe. If you have followed Hoka One One for a long time, this is a shoe that is similar to the favorite Clifton 3. 30g lighter than Clifton 5. If you choose Napali, you will get a shoe suitable for every speed and with more running feel than Clifton.

Arahi - Here is a shoe for you who pronate and need extra stability. Even though Arahi gives the feet support, it is also light. The support is dynamic and minimizes the risk for over correction which can cause problems.

Challenger - A versatile shoe for you who run on different surfaces. It will work on everything from asphalt, gravel, forest paths and terrain. It is an appreciated winter shoe in southern Sweden where there can be bare ground and some snow during the same session. A perfect shoe to bring on a trip when you can not bring several pairs and know that the surfaces can shift from rocky paths to hot asphalt. Find all Challenger here!

Speedgoat - A wolf in the terrain. If you mostly run in the woods, Speedgoat is the obvious choice. They have the same features as Clifton but in a more durable packaging.

In 2008, Nicolas (Nico) Mermoud was famous as an ultra runner with, among all, a third place in the 166 km long Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc. Just like every other ultra runner, Nico had problems with extreme muscle fatigue during the ultra runs. He realized that there was a need of shoes which allowed quicker running downhill and which reduce the shocks for the knees during the long races. Nico contacted the former  CEO of Salomon, Jean-Luc Diard, and shared his ideas. Without Nico knowing, Jean-Luc had already experimented with soles in running shoes. He was interested in how these could make it easier for runners to run more efficient downhill. The inspiration came from the technology that is successfully used on MTB-tires, skis and tennis rackets. -Mountainbikes float on the terrain with big tires and dampers and skis float on the snow. We wanted to make a shoe that worked in the same way, says Jean-Luc. Both of the entrepreneurs approached the shoe industry with a new perspective without looking back on how running shoes have looked like so far. In 2009, they came out with their shoe brand called Hoka One One (which means time to fly in Maori). Nico and Jean-Luc presented Hoka One One's shoes on UTMB 2009. –”Hoka One One's shoes were a direct hit among ultra runners, we let five runners take out prototypes for an hour of test run and they came back and asked if they could race in them. Then we understood that we were on the right track, says Jean-Luc.