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Quick running shoes for children

We have running shoes for all kinds of running juniors - from beginners to professionals. Our range of running shoes is carefully selected to provide you with the right shoes regardless what level you are at. With brands such as Asics, Saucony and Salomon, we can guarantee you a great selection of designs. Which shoe is up to you, your feet and in some cases your wallet. If you are unsure on your choice, you can always contact us and get help from a shoe specialist!

There are many kinds of running shoes that is built for different kinds of running. In general, a more expensive shoe is better than a cheaper one. But it is not only the price that decide what is right for you. The durability in a running shoe does often cost weight and is therefore not prioritized in a race model. We at Sportshopen have a wide selection for you who run from time to time and for you who can call yourself a professional. We have gone for good and durable running shoes that will suit most people. Down under you can read some tips of things you can have in mind when you are going to but your new running shoes. Good luck with your training!

Light weight shoes
In this group you will find minimalistic shoes with thin soles, a little cushioning and flexible upper. Running shoes with a lot of feeling. In this category of light weight shoes you will also find race models that is made for competitions. Observe that lightweight shoes demand the right runner - if you want running shoes with cushioning and/or support, it is better that you look at another pair of shoes down below.

Neutral running shoes
This is the biggest and most common type of running shoes. Here you will find every shoe for you with a natural running step. There are different levels of cushioning and stability inside this category but all of the shoes is cushioned and provide the foot with some support.

Pronation shoes
Here you will find the most cushioned and stable models of shoes. If you have a heavy running step or pronate a lot, you need a shoe that will help you to avoid overloads. A pronation shoe is often a bit heavier and if you do not need the support, it is better to look for a natural shoe.

Trail shoes
Here you will find durable shoes made to be used on every surface besides asphalt. A trail shoe have a more robust, patterned sole and a more durable upper to withstand the wear that can be from terrains. A trail shoe is in general less cushioned than a asphalt shoe because the surface itself offer cushioning.

Are you running more on asphalt or do yo spend more time running in the woods? It is a big difference on a shoe that is made for asphalt and one that is made for terrain. One common mistake is to put on regular running shoes that are made for asphalt running and go out for a run in the woods. You will notice that it gets slippery and the shoes will most likely get worn out much faster. The upper in a asphalt shoe have two main purposes; to give a comfortable and supportive fit and to breathe. On asphalt you do not have to worry about if the material is going to hold against branches and rocks. Therefore it is not going to be as durable as tearing that a shoe that is made for terrain.

For you who run in tough terrain, you will need a shoe made for exactly that. There shoes is called trail shoes and they have all a robust sole, increased protection for the feet by edges in rubber and a more robust upper that can withstand water and wear better. For you who run on both asphalt and in terrain from time to time? Do not worry. We also have hybrid shoes that is a combination between running shoes for asphalt and trail running shoes. This is often a very good shoe type for the people in Sweden.

If you are running long distances and many times a week, you will need a better shoe that can withstand the load. The cushioning in a shoe is made to reduce the load on your feet, knees and hips. A running shoes cushioning is used every time you put your foot down. The power that occurs when you're bodyweight lands on the foot is big and can go up to over a 100 kg. The material gets more flat in time and a more expensive and better running shoe have material that withstand the load better. It can be a good choice to have two shoes to shift between if you have the possibility. In general, a more expensive running shoe is better for you who run far and a lot. At the same time, a cheaper shoe should be just enough for you who does not run that far. You do not havt to buy the best one just because you are going to start running! Look out so that you do not buy a pair of everyday shoes that looks like a running shoe. A price that is below 60 euros (if it is not on sale) is a sign that it is not a real running shoe.

The most people have a neutral running step and does not need to think about getting a special kind of shoe. If your foot goes inwards when you put it down, that is called pronation, you will need a shoe that gives you extra stability and support. If you do not know you can put your shoes on a table and look at them from behind and if you see that they are leaning inwards, you probably should get a shoe made for pronating. If the shoe is more or less straight, you have a natural running step.