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Mizuno is a Japanese sports brand founded in 1906 that develops shoes, sports equipment and sportswear for running, handball, volleyball, golf, tennis, football and many more sports. Mizuno's vision is to contribute to society through the development of high-quality sports equipment and by that promote exercise and sports. It is important to help people to have a healthy and active lifestyle. Running shoes from Mizuno are characterized by their unique combination of stability, cushioning and feeling. Mizuno is also appreciated for their high comfort and fit in the sole construction, footbed and upper. Mizuno Wave provides stability and a great feeling throughout the step, both when running and walking.

Choose the right running shoe from Mizuno
To choose the right running shoe can seem complicated and difficult but Mizuno wants to make it easy to find the right shoes for you and your foot. Based on your experience and your goals, the choice should be easy. Not everyone will run marathons, participate in competitions or set personal records, but a good shoe that is comfortable and functional is equally important for everyone, regardless of goals and dreams.

Discover your needs
Based on feedback, research and tests since 1906, Mizuno has developed models to meet the different needs of most customers. In the woods, for example, it is more important to have a good grip and an upper that can withstand heavy loads, if you compare it to an asphalt shoe. Some runners want shoes with a lot of cushioning, others want them to be light and fast. The surface, the runner's weight and the intended training will be decisive for the choice of shoes. The same applies to the requirements you set for comfort. If you run three or more times a week or on different surfaces, it may be wise to have several different pairs of running shoes at home. For example, many people enjoy a light and fast shoe for shorter sessions and intervals, as well as a shoe with a lot of cushioning and more stability for longer sessions.